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Wednesday, October 19

the end?

hey erin :)
maybe i do something wrong 
to you, so i will say sorry to you 
and hope you will forgive me :)
i dont know you still want read this post or not
because i cant feel your soul here? emm
i stalk your profile and saw something hihi
btw i will rarely online because my internet
become worst lagg
maybe you dont care hahaa 
besides you have qis now :)
hope you will always happy :)
and for the last time i said this *i guess 
selamat malam khamis jumaat sabtu ahad isnin selase rabu hahaha xD
not funny i know 
and take care 
erin erika ariana :) <3

/if i miss you i will try to find you in my dream/

Tuesday, October 18


selamat malam rabu!
see ya lol
erin <3

Sunday, October 16


about 2 month ago *2days -.-
im not really with you =/
sorry erin! my bad i know
suddenly i feel weird and sucks! i sucks
i know you will angry with me *maybe?
scream out loud! i wanna said so sorry okey! =D
and btw sorry cant open pico
i know you want i to play it
its so lagg here! 
okey thats all for today!
enjoy this song! hohohehuahea
erin erika ariana binti nik amar <3

Tuesday, October 11


woa seriously i miss you dude!
i miss you erin!
i wanna chat with you!
i wanna joking with you!
i wanna kill people with you!
hmmm lol haha =D
okey baii
erin erika ariana! love you =D

Saturday, October 8

oh my song?

my song so lagg?
but i like it! enjoy! =D
i love you <3